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Friday, December 20, 2013

Vietnam starts producing its 300km range anti-ship missile

Vietnam has created the production capacity of advanced anti-ship missile Kh-35 Uran-UV equipped for Vietnam's Russian- made missile boats and frigates in the future.

X-35 or Vietnamization version called Uran-V (Thiên Vương Tinh- V)
X-35 or Vietnamization version called Uran-V (Thiên Vương Tinh- V) missile.

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Bao Dat Viet cited Russia & CIS Defense Industry Weekly reporting that, in 2013, Vietnam plans to create production capacity of Kh-35 Uran UV anti-ship missile (The Voice of Russia calls it X-35 and Vietnam newspapers call it Uran-V) - a product developed with the help of Russia, similar to the type of production of Indi-Russian BrahMos Joint Venture.

The magazine quoted Mikhail Dmitriev, the Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation ( FSMTC ), said that the field of technical cooperation between Russia and Vietnam has good prospects for further development in future close, despite the impact of intense competition in the field of defense exports in the world today.

"In the current conditions and the contracts are prepared to sign, Vietnam has sufficient short-term basis to become the No.1 of Russia's military cooperating technical partner in Southeast Asia", said Mr. Dmitriev.

He added that, in the meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee FSMTC recently, the two sides have not only discuss the provision of ready-made weapons, but also focus on joint developing projects , forming joint ventures and service center for supplying military equipment under the previous agreement.

Mr. Dmitriev emphasis on joint developing project of advanced anti-ship missile Kh-35 Uran-UV ( Уран-УВ ) between Russia and Vietnam. In addition, the two sides also discussed the possibility of that Vietnam will buy the third defense coast missile Bastion-P system, as well as Su-30MK2 multi-functional fighters and new air defense missile system.

"The fact that Russia and Vietnam had planned to create new missile based on the original Kh-35 Uran anti-ship missile in February this year (2/2013)", Dmitriev revealed.

"This year, Vietnam plans to create production capacity of Russia's Uran type based on super cruise anti-ship missile like the type of joint production of Russian- Indian Brahmos missile " , the FSMTC officials said .

According to the report of the Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC (KTRV), KTRV conducted a technical meeting on orders of Vietnam dicussing on the development of the anti-ship missile system Uran-V on April 2012, three additional designs were assigned to Vietnam for the signed contract.

KTRV added that, in 2012, the two sides held discussions and agreed on the technical aspects, price and the conditions for producing Kh-35 Uran-UV in Vietnam . The contract price at about $ 1 billion.

The specifications of new anti-ship missiles for Vietnam has not been disclosed, but according to the Voice of Russia , the new missile will have long-range strike targets up to 300 km and carries a warhead of 300 kg each. The missile, which can resist high intensity interference level of enemy firepower, is designed to operate in any weather conditions. Thus, comparing with the prototype, the new missile takes a doubled range.

Mr. Igor Korotchenko, leader of the Russian Center for Analysis of Global Arms Market, said: "This is an efficient subsonic missile. It can overcome firepower of any naval forces. of course, the missile will be adapted to the needs of Vietnam, like the missile that Russian - Indian Brahmos joint venture developing.

Missile wings controlling to drive warhead to hit the targets.

Speed​​: 1100km/h
Farthest shooting range: 300km
Nearest shooting range: 5km
Ceiling above sea level: 5-10m
Ceiling above sea level approaching the target (final stage): 3-5m
Body length: 3.75m
Diameter: 0.4 m
Wingspan: 0.9 m
Warhead weight: 145 - 300kg
Load capacity at launching: 630kg

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